Perks for Macy's Associates

Being a part of the Macy’s teams means getting more than just a paycheck. A lot more.

All of our employees, hourly and salaried alike, reap the benefits of some pretty awesome perks.

Whether you’re seeking a long-term career or just a job, we have benefits that fit your life. Here’s just a little of what we have to offer:


Flex work schedules to fit your life

You’ve got a lot going on. We feel you. Our flexible scheduling helps you maintain the important work-life balance you need.


Advanced work schedules

No more uncertainty from week to week. At Macy’s, you’ll always get your schedule more than a week in advance. Because hey, we all like making plans.


Enjoy some awesome employee discounts

Your wallet will appreciate the employee discount that comes along with your job. With it, you can save some serious cash on whatever Macy’s merchandise your heart desires.

And, as a Macy’s employee, you don’t have to choose between your employee discount and that coupon you have tucked in your wallet. Use them both - we don’t mind!


Receive on-the-job training

Even in our busiest and most bustling stores, we make time to ensure our employees have what they need to get the job done. Our on-the-job training program is supportive and comprehensive. We believe in building leaders, so we’re all getting better and better.


Grow & advance as a part of our team

If you’re as committed to Macy’s as we are to you, there’s lots of room to grow. As a Macy’s employee, you’ll have access to growth opportunities and be eligible to explore different career paths within the Macy’s brand.


Be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The floats. The balloons. The marching bands. Instead of just watching it on TV, you might just have the opportunity to be a part of it – from marching in the parade to wrangling balloons to working behind the scenes – the opportunities are endless.


Get other great benefits

Along with our benefits, we offer you all of the goodies that you’d expect from a great new job at a Fortune 500 company. Many of our part-time employees can enjoy health benefits — because it’s important to us that you stay healthy — and retirement benefits, too.


Apply today, and find out what we have in store for you.